The Unique, "Pay-To-Leave" System Of Immigration Bail Bonds

Immigration bail bonds? What about this sounds odd? Well, to people who live in the U.S., probably everything sounds odd about it. After all, most people who have a passport from another country are allowed to travel here and stay for a bit. Why, then, would someone need a bail bond for immigration purposes? These are special bail bonds with strange attachments to them. 

​The "Pay-to-Leave" System

Most immigrants enter this country legally. They have passports or visas or green cards. Those that try to pass through customs with none of the above are arrested and detained. There are also rare and unusual circumstances where immigrants arrive here and the U.S. no longer recognizes the countries those immigrants came from. In those cases, the immigrants are arrested because the U.S. no longer considers their passports legitimate documents for entering the country. 

What happens then is that the arrested immigrants go before an ICE judge. The judge may release the immigrants on their own recognizance, but that is rare. Instead, bail amounts for the immigrants' release are set. The immigrants then need special bail bonds paid in order to leave jail.

The really complicated part in all this is that most immigrants are coming here without family and without knowing anyone who can pay the bail amount set by the ICE judge. If, after a set period of time, they cannot pay the bail, they remain detained in an immigration holding cell until their next hearing, which could be months and/or years later. At that point, they may be deported anyway if they cannot prove that they have a right to be in the U.S., or that they can become valuable citizens to this country. In the more unusual circumstances, such as the U.S. finally recognizing the home country of a detainee/immigrant, the immigrant may be released, but only if he/she agrees to return to his/her home country.

The Bail Bonds for Immigrants

If the arrested immigrant is fortunate enough to know someone in this country that he/she can phone, then there are two kinds of bail bonds that the friend or family member may get from a company like HB Bail Bonds. The delivery bond​ delivers the arrested immigrant into the hands of family who are here in the States. The immigrant stays with family and shows up to immigration hearings as scheduled by the ICE courts. Failure to show results in re-arrest and/or deportation. The other kind of immigration bail bond is a voluntary departure bond.​ This is where someone pays for the arrested immigrant to leave federal detention but then the immigrant is forced to return to his/her own country.