4 Mistakes To Make When Taking Out A Bail Bond

Hopefully, you will never be in a situation where you need to get bailed out of jail or bail a loved one out. If you are, however, then having the help of a bail bondsman can allow you to get the money you need to post bail, regardless of the amount. Before you take out a bail bond for yourself or a loved one, however, there are a few common mistakes you'll want to be careful to avoid.

1. Waiting to Contact a Bail Bondsman

First and foremost, don't spend any more time behind bars than you have to. Most bail bond companies are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This includes holidays! You don't need to wait until the next business day, nor should you. Because the process of posting bail and being released from jail can take some time after your bond is approved, it's better to contact a bail bondsman sooner rather than later.

2. Giving Bad Contact Information

You will be required to provide your contact information when you take out a bail bond. If you're bailing somebody else out, their contact information (including full legal name, phone number, and address) will also be required. If you give out any outdated or incorrect contact information, you could end up missing important correspondence from your bail bondsman that could lead you to more legal trouble down the road.

3. Not Knowing the Terms of the Loan

Before you sign a contract with a bail bond service, be sure to read all the fine print, so you know what the terms of your bond will be. This includes how long you'll have to pay it back (likely until just after your arraignment), as well as any potential added fees or penalties you may face.

4. Missing Your Court Hearing

The biggest mistake you can make when taking out a bail bond is missing your scheduled court date. This arraignment is important if you want to receive your bail money back, and thus be able to pay back your loan. You will also end up with an arrest warrant if you miss your court date for any reason.

Taking out a bail bond is a good way to get out of jail when you're not able to post the full bail amount yourself. Just be sure to avoid these common mistakes when going to take out a bail bond. For more information, contact your local bail bond services.