Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A Bail Bonds Agency

If you haven't dealt with a bail bonds agency before, you must ensure you get it right when the time comes. While you might be dealing with a legit and licensed bail bonds agency, asking the following questions should address most of your concerns and fears.

How Fast Can You Secure The Release of a Relative or Friend?

The only issue that counts is securing the freedom of your loved one. Unfortunately, the process can take longer as there is a lot of paperwork and procedures involved. 

Discussing this issue with a bond agent can help you avoid frustrations. The thing is, bond agents don't control when the detainee is released. However, their legal knowledge and experience can help fast-track your loved one's release. So, don't pressure the agent to give you an exact timeframe, as you might be disappointed. 

How Quick Can You Post Bail?

Before signing a contract with the bail bonds agency, ask how long it takes to post bail. As you well know, the faster the agent posts bail, the quicker the detainee gets released. A reliable agency will begin the process immediately after you sign the contract. This way, the process will move quite fast.

Are You Licensed?

The bail bonds industry is quite sensitive. So before you get into business with any agency, ask whether they are licensed. Every state requires bail bonds agencies to have a license to ensure legitimacy. Ensure that you ask for proof of licensure instead of trusting their word of mouth. This way, you'll be at peace knowing that you are working with a licensed bail bonds agency.  

What's the Service Fee?

Before you put your signature on that bail application, get to know how much the agency charges for the service. Some companies will prefer to charge a flat fee, while others will charge a percentage of the total bail amount.

To simplify things, ask the company to give you a rough estimate of the service fee. Now do your calculations and see what percentage they are charging. As a rule of thumb, the service fee should range between 10-15%

What Are Your Terms?

Most clients don't take time to read the terms and conditions. As such, they might end up violating the terms without knowing. However, you can avoid such issues by asking the bail bonds agent to clarify the terms and conditions. At least you'll sign a contract whose content you understand well.

Other questions you should ask are:

  • How long has your bail bonds agency been in business?
  • Which area does the agency operate?
  • Which bail bond options are available?

For more information about bail bonds services, contact a bail bond company in your area.