Drowning In Credit Card Debt? Signs You Should Hire An Unsecured Credit Debt Lawyer

If you're like most American adults, you've got some unsecured credit card debt. According to a consumer credit review, the average American has four credit cards. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to fall behind on payments. Many Americans fall behind on credit card debt due to unemployment, illness, or divorce. If you've fallen behind on your credit card debt, you might be struggling to find a way out from under the financial stress. One way to do that is by utilizing the services of an unsecured credit debt lawyer. If you're not sure that you need this type of service, read the information provided below. If you're dealing with any of these issues, it's time to talk to an unsecured credit debt lawyer.

You Owe too Much to Negotiate

If you have a couple of low-limit credit cards, and you've fallen behind on payments, you might be able to get the credit card company to settle with you for a lesser amount. If you do this, your credit report will reflect the lesser payoff, but your credit score will be protected. However, if you owe more in unsecured debt than you could possibly negotiate down to an affordable amount, it's time to contact an unsecured credit debt lawyer. Your lawyer might have an easier time convincing the credit company to negotiate for a lower payoff amount. They may also be able to negotiate an affordable payment plan for you. 

Your Wages Might be Attached

If you've been notified that your creditor plans to garnish your wages to satisfy a debt, don't wait any longer. Now's the time to hire a lawyer. Without legal representation, you could end up in a situation where creditors are taking large portions of your paychecks to satisfy the debt. Unfortunately, once your wages are attached, your lawyer will have a harder time reversing the action. However, if you hire an unsecured credit debt lawyer before your wages are garnished, they may be able to negotiate a payment arrangement that you can afford, and that protects your wages. 

Your Creditors are Suing You

If you've been served court documents, and your creditors are suing you for payment of your unpaid debt, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The last thing you want to do is face your creditors without legal representation. If the case does make it to court, your lawyer can help to ensure an affordable payment plan for you. In some cases, they may also be able to get some of the debt reduced, which means you'll pay less. 

For more information on unsecured credit debt services, contact a professional near you.