How to Make Getting a Section 184 Home Loan Easier

If you're in a Native American tribe and are pursuing a home purchase, a section 184 home loan might be the best financing option to consider. These loans are unique to Native Americans and going through the application process won't give you trouble if you take these steps.

Enroll in a Home Buyer Education Class

You'll find plenty of resources filled with meaningful insights on section 184 home loans. Homebuyer education classes in particular are an amazing opportunity to get prepared for the paperwork and terms you'll deal with when applying for these specialty loans.

You can enroll in these classes online too if you don't want to travel anywhere. You'll go over things like requirements for approval, length of time for an acceptance, and rules to follow throughout the application process. Brushing up on these things doesn't hurt right before you go through with a section 184 application. You'll also learn general things about having a mortgage, which can help you make better decisions for the future. 

See What Debts Need to be Addressed

Like with a lot of other loan types, there is a certain debt-to-income ratio you need to have in order to be considered for a section 184 loan. It's usually less stringent compared to traditional loans, but it's still something you need to figure out for a home loan approval.

You may have things like student debt, credit card balances, or car payments. Find out what debts need to be paid so that you have the right debt-to-income ratio for an easier home loan approval process. 

Provide Relevant Documentation

You will have to provide documentation showing that you're part of a tribe in order to be considered for a section 184 home loan. Getting these documents in order before you even apply is smart because it will make things a lot easier.

Make sure the documentation is organized and you may even need to have it notarized to show without a doubt you're part of a tribe that qualifies for section 184 home loans. Proving this will save you a lot of regulatory steps throughout this home loan application process.

Being in a tribe does come with the chance to qualify for a section 184 home loan. Even though they're unique to standard home loans, dealing with them isn't all that hard as long as you know what requirements are in place and procedures that can help you get accepted quickly. 

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