Why Going Local Is So Important With Bail Bonds

When a loved one calls from jail seeking help, there are several options at your disposal. The choices you make during the stressful period after that phone call can make a huge difference in the way events unfold. One important aspect of seeking bail is to stay local with your support system. Read on to find out why local is best when getting your loved one out of jail.

You Can Pay a Lot or You Can Pay a Little

When bail is offered by the court system, it is often too high for most families to afford. Bail amounts can vary and are based on the nature of the charges, the criminal record of the accused, and local customs. Often, however, bail can be thousands of dollars. Instead of paying the full cost of the bail, there is an alternative through bail bonding agencies. These businesses exist solely to assist family members of those arrested who want to gain freedom for their loved ones.

Bail bonding agents form a relationship with the local court system and work with them to gain the release of those offered bail. They agree to, in effect, take custody over the accused while they await their court dates. As long as the accused follows all bail conditions and appears for all their court dates, the bail bonding agent's job is done. In return for this release, family members enter into an agreement with the bail bonding agency and pay a fee for their services. This fee, fortunately, is far lower than the bail offered by the court. The bonding fee, or premium, is usually a certain percentage of the bail the court was asking to be paid. This process works far better when you choose a bail bonding agency near the courthouse or jail.

It's More Convenient

The closer the bail bonding agency is to the holding facility, the easier and quicker it will be to make the arrangements. Often, these businesses are located so near the holding facility so that you can walk between them without needing transportation. That means your loved one won't have to stay in jail for a moment longer than necessary.

It's More Lawful

State laws for criminal matters like bail can vary greatly. Even if your loved one is just over the state line, be sure to contact a bail bonding agency in the same state as that of the incarceration location.

It Means a Smoother Process

Bail bonding agents that have a good local reputation with the courts can mean your loved one gets better, more personalized service. A local bonding agency is able to work to find out details about the charges, may have inside information about judges and local practices, and can expedite your loved one's release.

To find out more about bail bonds, speak to a bail bondsman in your area like those at First Choice Bail Bonds.